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Nishabdham, a Telugu tension flick, has been shot and delivered all the while in Tamil and English as Silence (there’s a named Malayalam variant, as well). The film, beginning on a creepy note with the guarantee of a holding frequented house adventure, begins losing concentration soon enough and, subsequent to squandering several hours attempting to in fact appear as though a smooth Hollywood flick, winds up with a peak so lifeless that it makes you can’t help thinking about why they didn’t call it Silence Of The Dumb.

Nishabdham Movie Cast

Anushka Shetty

R Madhavan

Michael Madsen


Shalini Pandey


Kona Venkat’s screenplay on chief Hemant Madhukar’s content beginnings off presenting Anushka and Madhavan as a wedded couple, Sakshi and Antony. She is a craftsman who is hard of hearing and quiet. He is a traditional artist. They show up in an interesting house someplace in Seattle that is supposed to be spooky, in light of the fact that Sakshi is looking for a painting she accepts lies someplace inside the structure.

Inside, Antony is slaughtered bafflingly, and damaged Sakshi is an observer. Chief of the neighborhood police power Richard Dickens (Michael Madsen) alongside his helper Maha (Anjali) is the official allocated to test the case.

Obviously, Antony can’t pass on so soon in the film, you figure immediately, or, in all likelihood, they wouldn’t project Madhavan in the job. Furthermore, Madsen isn’t there just to play a companion cop, you figure, on the off chance that they have dished out the moolah to sign a Hollywood entertainer for the job.

Wrong projecting calls can weaken the expected effect of a tension show, which is the thing that occurs here. All the more along these lines, in light of the fact that a ton of the plot development and endeavored tension are woven around Antony and Dickens.

The more serious issue lies with the narrating. Author chief Madhukar appears to be uncertain of how to convey forward his story. The plot wanders, with endeavored turns in the storyline getting progressively imagined with the passing minutes, as the film sets out toward an unconvincing finale. At the point when the genuine explanation is uncovered for whatever was going on, it appears to be absolutely absurd.

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