Bosch reports about an online job scam to Bengaluru police

Bosch reports about an online job scam to Bengaluru police.

Bosch, a multinational engineering corporation based in Germany, has reported that a phony online recruitment scam was being performed under the company’s name without authorization. On August 28, an FIR was filed.

Following multiple people who approached them with inquiries about the work after being promised positions by online con artists, the company made the decision to knock on the doors of the cyber crime police.

23 sandalwood trees were stolen in one night from the CMTI campus in Bengaluru.

A scooterist who was doing wheelies with a loud exhaust was detained by police.

According to the FIR, executives discovered that the organization’s name was being likely exploited to defraud job applicants after multiple people contacted the company between December 2022 and August 2023.

Not just Bosch, but cyber police stations all throughout Bengaluru have been receiving complaints about big organizations’ identities being used fraudulently to defraud job applicants, the official said.

The con artists are not from Bengaluru. To hide their trails, they employ VPN. These use the pretense of fees to steal money from job seekers. Many victims of such frauds have lost thousands of rupees.

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