How Did the Worm, Which Is Often Found in Pythons, Get Inside an Australian Woman's Brain?

How did the worm, which is often found in pythons, get inside an Australian woman’s brain?

The Australian woman who had a parasitic roundworm in her brain—one that is typically found in pythons—lived close to a lake where carpet pythons congregate. Despite having no direct encounters with snakes, she frequently picked plants near the lake to cook with. Doctors stated, “Either directly from vegetation or indirectly by contamination of her hands/utensils, she unintentionally consumed Ophidascaris robertsi eggs.”

The image depicts an 8 cm-long worm discovered in an Australian woman’s brain.

Ophidascaris robertsi, an 8 cm long parasitic roundworm, was discovered in the brain of a 64-year-old lady in Australia’s New South Wales. The roundworm Ophidascaris robertsi is typically seen in pythons. The patient in the hospital in Canberra is the first-ever discovery of the parasite in humans.

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