Vikas Malu, Rolls Royce accident in the Haryana

Who is Vikas Malu, owner of the Kuber Group, who was hurt in the Haryana Rolls-Royce accident?

One of the passengers in the Rolls-Royce Phantom that slammed into a fuel tanker at a high rate of speed on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway in Haryana was Vikas Malu.

Malu, who became director in 1993, owns the Kuber Group. The businessman has refuted a charge made earlier by Malu’s widow that he played a part in the actor Satish Kaushik’s death.

Vikas Malu, the owner of the Kuber Group, was injured in a collision involving his Rolls-Royce and a fuel tanker on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway in Haryana. Malu’s attorney claimed that slow driving on an expressway is “more dangerous.”

He argued, though, that Malu hadn’t given the driver any specific driving instructions. The tanker driver and his assistant perished in the collision.

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