In One Day Passports Were Issued to Cancer Patients by Bengaluru RPO.

In One Day Passports Were Issued to Cancer Patients by Bengaluru RPO.

When informed of the medical condition of retired government employee Arun Kumar Srivastava and the requirement for an urgent passport issuance, passport officials rose to the challenge. The blood cancer-stricken septuagenarian was told to go to the head office in Koramangala simply for his biometrics before being returned home right away. The rest of the formalities were dropped.

On Wednesday, the family transported Srivastava from their Hebbal house to the RPO and finished the procedures. The passport was sent to his residence. His management consultant and novelist son Kush Srivastava told TNIE, “My father is not responding to treatment here as promised. We are thinking of sending my brother to the US for treatment since he is already there. Additionally, he might get worse. Since we can only apply for a visa once the passport is ready, the situation is urgent.

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Srivastava praised Regional Passport Officer K Krishna, saying that he sent a letter on August 25 outlining his father’s predicament. We did not want him to go through the traditional process of submitting his application in person at a Passport Seva Kendra because of the significant likelihood of him contracting an infection given his current state. Someone called and asked whether I could come on Monday or Wednesday. The procedure was finished in 40 minutes, he claimed.

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