The Jakkur rail bridge should be finished soon.

The Jakkur rail bridge should be finished soon.

At Jakkur, where construction on the Jakkur railway bridge first started 11 years ago, it is finally expected to be finished. The BBMP will acquire control of the 6,515 sqm of land, whose acquisition had caused the vital project to be delayed after the government recently approved the compensation award.

Tushar N. Girinath, the chief commissioner of the BBMP, stated to TNIE, “There was a problem with land acquisition. Recently, the compensation award was made, and we have since submitted the money in court for the landowners to claim. The bridge-related request for tenders was made. After obtaining the government’s approval, we will begin the project.

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The bridge now costs more than Rs 27 crore, nearly doubling from Rs 13.71 crore. When asked why the project cost had increased, Girinath claimed that the value of the land had increased dramatically over time. Work on the railways began in 2012 but was suspended after a while since the BBMP was unable to complete the land acquisition procedure.

According to a reliable source, four families have petitioned the Karnataka High Court for compensation that is greater than the amount offered. The two-lane flyover was increased to a four-lane structure midway through the design, which required more space.

The past ten years have been difficult for the people who live in and around Jakkur. From Jakkur Circle to Yelahanka Main Road, a 2 km stretch that normally takes 10 minutes to complete, commuters are forced to take a roundabout route that is nearly 5 km long and can take up to an hour if the route is congested.

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