Bengalureans Oppose Namma Metro Renaming to Basaveshwara

Bengalureans Oppose Namma Metro Renaming to Basaveshwara

Bengaluru locals have spoken out against Bengaluru’s idea to rename the Namma Metro rail network after the 12th-century figure Basaveshwara. Many people believe that ‘Namma,’ which means ‘our’ in Kannada, is more than just a name. 

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They’ asked the government to put infrastructure projects ahead of renaming. This suggestion arose after Minister MB Patil suggested renaming the entire metro system after Basaveshwara, similar to how the Bengaluru International Airport is called after Kempegowda.

Many people think that Namma Metro has become an iconic brand, firmly ingrained in passengers’ daily lives. Netizens like Dr. Bhaskar Rajakumar and Ashish G stressed Bengalureans’ strong emotional attachment to the “Namma Metro” brand and asked the government to prioritize service improvement.

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