CM Siddaramaiah: Kannada Speaking Environment Should Be Created

CM Siddaramaiah: Kannada Speaking Environment Should Be Created

Recently Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah visited to launch the logo of Karnataka Sambhrama- 50 organized by the Department of Kannada and Culture, Siddaramaiah spoke about the Kannada language he stressed that speaking Kannada in Karnataka and is as important as in other states their language. He explained how Kannadigas adopt other languages very easily but they don’t teach Kannada to other people.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Statement

Siddaramaiah States  “We are all Kannadigas, people speaking different languages have settled in Kannada land, since the unification of Karnataka. Everyone living in Karnataka should also learn to speak Kannada. In states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh, it is impossible to sustain without learning the local language but here in Karnataka you can sustain even if you don’t speak Kannada and this is the difference between our state and other neighboring states.”

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In the past, we have seen many incidents where local auto rickshaw or other serviceman pressurize the customer to speak in Kannada rather they teaching them and we can see many incidents where Kannada-speaking citizens Harass other citizens who are not able to communicate in Kannada instead of this they can teach small sentence and increase the number of people speak Kannada in Karnataka as well as other states this can be a positive approach by the local people rather than harassing them to speak in Kannada.

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