Delta Corp GST Notice Rs 6236 Crore What happened?

Delta Corp GST Notice Rs 6236 Crore What happened?

Delta Corp GST Notice
Delta Corp GST Notice: Delpa Corp. is a subsidiary company of Delta Tech Gaming which received a GST Notice for Rs 6236.81 crore has been received by the company’s subsidiary Delta Tech Gaming. The Kolkata unit has this. After this news, the stock may come under pressure.

Delta Corp share price target

In one month, the stock has decreased by 21 percent. In a single year, the stock price has dropped by 40%. The price of the company’s shares decreased as of Friday’s end. The stock dropped 0.85% and ended the day at Rs 140.
When compared to the same quarter a year ago, the company’s consolidated earnings climbed by 1.75 percent to Rs 69.4 crore in Q2. The company said that year over year, its consolidated income increased in the second quarter from Rs 270 crore to Rs 271 crore.

Delta Corp News

According to the company, its EBITDA has slightly decreased year over year from Rs 100.4 crore to Rs 100.3 crore.
The business also announced Anil Malani’s appointment as chief financial officer along with the results. The board also gave Manoj Jain approval to replace Anil Malani as the company’s chief operating officer.
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