Mangalore Accident Today: Real Estate Businessman Rash's Driving Leads to an Accident

Mangalore Accident Today: Real Estate Businessman Rash’s Driving Leads to an Accident

When a rude and careless driver plowed into them late on a Wednesday afternoon in the city, one girl died there and three others were hurt. On the sidewalk, the girls were moving forward. The white Hyundai Eon with the license plate KA 19 MD 5676 sped up onto the footpath and struck the girls, knocking them to the ground.

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Mangalore Accident Today: Roopashree a 23-year-old lady brought dead


Mangaluru Accident

Mangalore Ladyhill Accident Today – Roopashree, the 23-year-old daughter of Gangadhar of Kaana-Bala village, perished instantly upon impact. She was ruled “brought dead” even though she was carried to the hospital.

The four other girls have been identified as Swathi, age 26, Hithnavi and Krithika, both 16, and Yathika, 12, one of them was critically hurt. Kamalesh Baldev, a 57-year-old real estate businessman, was the driver of the vehicle.

Without stopping, the vehicle sped off, hitting another woman and a pole that had been put up for Dasara lighting purposes. Baldev went home before returning with his father HM Baldev to the Mangaluru West (traffic) police station.

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