Non-functional street light increases Bengaluru Road Accident

Non-functional street light increases Bengaluru Road Accident

In a recent video of a Twitter user going viral on social media the image of the person is traveling on Sarjapur Road where we can see there are no lights in the street and after sharing this post many other citizens have expressed their thoughts.

Because of no straight lights people feel unsafe on Bengaluru roads as we know, there are many potholes that were recently repaired by the Bengaluru traffic police but some potholes or roads are not prepared well in the City and this can lead to road accidents.

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Bengaluru Road Accident because of Non-functional street

Bengaluru Road Accident

Bengaluru citizens can manage in the daylight but at night it becomes too difficult for them to travel as it is too risky and mischief can loot them in the night.

Normally behave see many parts of Bengaluru where proper street lights are installed but it’s not functioning well like Jakkasandra Road which connects to HSR and Koramangala 1st block it offense doesn’t work properly and people feel risky while taking u-turns

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