The Namma Yatri app generates 189 crore for Bengaluru taxi drivers.

The Namma Yatri app generates 189 crore for Bengaluru’s taxi drivers.

After launching the app in November 2022, Bengaluru’s auto-hailing app Namma Yatri has given its drivers pay of 189 crore. The Ola and Uber-competing Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)-backed app was released in order to take on the cab aggregators, who also offer auto bookings in their apps.

Namma Yatri stated that their zero-commission business model had assisted car drivers in saving close to 19 crore. “Namma Yatri drivers in Bengaluru have earned 189 Cr.,” stated ONDC staffer Tina Gurnaney in a LinkedIn post. Due to a zero commission structure, the drivers receive 100% of these earnings.

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Namma Yatri app generates 189 crore

The drivers have collectively saved roughly 19 Cr in fees, even if one were to conservatively estimate 10% commissions to big players in the past. With scale, the numbers will only increase in size and quality.

The ride-hailing giants like Ola and Uber were accused of charging passengers extra prices, which sparked a dispute between the transportation authority and both companies. By cutting out the intermediaries, the Namma Yatri links clients directly with auto drivers in an effort to capture the market and offer them inexpensive costs.

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