Why Did I Get an Emergency Alert on My Phone Today

Why did i get an emergency alert on my phone today

Many people have received an emergency alert from disaster management authority of India, this emergency alert message is a trial going on for the upcoming alert system which is being tested.

Through this alert system many people can be notified if there are any natural calamities going on in their neighborhood which will be a safety measure given by the National Disaster Management Authority.

Emergency Alert Message Today

This trial can be seen by many citizens on their mobile phone displaying an alert message early on. This message was shown to Bengaluru citizens and recently this test was conducted in Tamilnadu and we can find many people panicking because of the message. This message was malware which was vibrating the mobile and flashing the alert message.

Later on the government released a notification for this trial and it was cleared by the state government this trial was done by National Disaster Management Authority for the safety of citizens.

This message can prevent accidental death from natural calamities like tsunami, rain, flood, and earthquake. As we have seen many accident happening in past due to which people were not aware of the natural calamities and they did not have evacuation time.

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