Royal Enfield presents the Electric Himalayan In Milan.

In Milan, Royal Enfield presents the Electric Himalayan.

Royal Enfield has introduced its first electric motorcycle idea, ushering in the next chapter in the company's century-long history of motorcycling. 

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The Electric Himalayan 'Testbed,' based on the original Himalayan, is targeted at "sustainable adventure on two wheels," the Chennai-based motorbike maker announced at the EICMA Motor Show in Milan on Tuesday.

The Electric Himalayan relies on the minimalist spirit of the original, which debuted in 2016, but adds the benefits of an electric powertrain. The main structural element, or stressed member, of the chassis is an in-house designed battery box.

The project's goal was not to explore how many batteries could be crammed into a motorcycle. Instead, it attempted to promote clean and sustainable motorcycle riding. To increase economy and riding pleasure, the EV was tested in the Himalayas as well as the wind tunnel.

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