A pro-Kannada organization has demanded that store owners in Bengaluru print signboards in Kannada.

A group of pro-Kannada activists protested outside shops in Bengaluru on Wednesday, demanding that shop signboards prominently showcase Kannada and that at least 65 percent of the signage be written in the local language.

The Kannada Rakshana Vedike demonstration took place in Bengaluru's market area of Chikkapete.

According to the campaigners, the heart of Karnataka's culture is in its language, and the presence of Kannada on signboards is a question of regional pride and identity.

They have also requested that corporate logos be translated into Kannada, claiming that doing so will build a stronger feeling of community and inclusivity among the local populace.

The fervor of yesterday's demonstrations surprised shop owners in Chikkapete. Many vendors, however, stated that they were ready to comply with the standards but needed time to execute the adjustments.

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