Check out India's tallest Christmas tree, which stands at 100 feet tall.

On December 16, a mall in Bengaluru will reveal India's biggest Christmas tree, reaching an astonishing height of 100 feet, in a festive extravaganza that has caught the hearts of Bengaluru locals.

Visitors will be treated to a visual feast as the 100-foot-tall Christmas tree takes center stage, connecting with the spirit of the season, according to mall officials. The huge tree is a beacon of festive cheer, decked out with dazzling decorations and adorned with animated elves and Santa Claus spreading joy across the surrounding neighborhood.

According to Phoenix Mall of India sources, there will also be Gingerbread Village themed houses, international singers, carnival dancers, Santas and Angels, a unicyclist juggler, and an inflatable snowman.

However, there is an admittance fee, which did not go down well on social media. "Why should I have to pay for what is essentially an engagement initiative by the mall?" wondered a member of the public. "Christmas trees for public viewing are so common abroad but why so much fees?" he added.

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