Christmas 2023: How to Use Instagram and WhatsApp Stickers

Christmas 2023: How to Use Instagram and WhatsApp Stickers

Christmas-themed WhatsApp sticker Sending greetings to loved ones has become easier with the advent of digital methods as Christmas and the holiday season draw near. Festive sticker options are available on platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, in place of conventional cards and calls. To send Christmas stickers on both platforms, follow these steps:

How to Use WhatsApp To Send Christmas Stickers:

  1. Start by downloading the Play Store's collection of Christmas sticker packs.
  2. Go to the Play Store and download your favorite sticker pack.
  3. When the app is downloaded, users will see different sticker packs with an 'Add' symbol that looks like a plus (+). The stickers will be incorporated into the WhatsApp app by clicking on these symbols.
  4. Users can access these stickers within WhatsApp after integration. Just launch a chat, click the emoticon, and navigate to the tab on the right. The latest collection of Christmas stickers can be found here for users.

How to Use Instagram To Send Christmas Stickers:

  1. Navigate to the Direct Messages section of Instagram.
  2. Find the sticker icon next to the text input field in the intended recipient's chat window.
  3. A sticker search bar will appear when you click on this icon. Enter 'Christmas' to find stickers with a festive theme.
  4. Choose your favorite sticker, and it will be delivered right away to the recipient.
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