Due to increase in Covid cases, Bengaluru restaurants makes Mask mandatory

As the threat of Covid looms over the city, local bars and eateries are taking preemptive steps to prevent the virus from spreading.

These businesses are enforcing crowd control, temperature checks, and the required use of face masks and sanitizers.

Several local bars have chosen to limit crowd sizes and avoid having massive gatherings, especially for New Year's Eve. "As a precautionary measure, we are also making sure that there is a sanitiser on each table," Gopinath, the manager of an Indiranagar pub, added.

Restaurants and pubs on Church Street are also limiting the number of customers by charging admission. "We've started sanitizing the place on a regular basis," said Arpan, the restaurant manager. "We are also stocking up essentials to ensure we do not run out of sanitisers," he went on to say.

Some establishments are taking a wait-and-see attitude, intending to impose harsher regulations over the holiday season.

"Starting December 23, we will check visitors' temperatures and ensure they use sanitisers before entering," George Richard, manager of an eatery, said, adding that they would enforce the usage of masks and stock up on basic medicines in case of an emergency.

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