Gujarat allows sale of alcohol in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City hotels and clubs

The government of Gujarat has made it legal to drink alcohol in the newly established GIFT city. After being a "dry state," the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City in the Gandhinagar region will finally be able to sell alcohol under specific restrictions.

"Under the new system, permits for wine and dine facilities will be granted to hotels, restaurants, and clubs (both current and future) in the GIFT City region... Such hotels, restaurants, and clubs will provide wine and dine facilities to those who are officially employed in the GIFT City area, as well as to their official visitors," an official release stated.

Gujarat Government allows consuming liquor in hotels/restaurants/clubs offering “Wine and Dine” in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT). Liquor Access Permit will be given to all the employees/owners working in the entire GIFT City. Apart from this, a provision has been made to allow authorized visitors of each company to consume liquor in such hotels/restaurants/clubs having temporary permits in the presence of permanent employees of that company.

Hotels/Restaurants/Clubs located or coming to GIFT City will be able to obtain wine and dine facility i.e. FL3 license there. Officially serving employees of GIFT City and officially visiting visitors can consume liquor in hotels/clubs/restaurants. However, hotels/clubs/restaurants cannot sell liquor bottles: Gujarat Govt

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