LED boards inside BMTC buses have failed, causing riders to stresses.

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus commuters, particularly the elderly who must go to their destinations throughout the night, are having difficulty finding their buses since the route boards that show the origin and destination are not clearly visible. Although the bus company has LED electronic display boards, they are either switched off or inoperable.

"After finishing my work at JC Road, I walk to the Lalbagh Main Gate bus stop to catch the BMTC bus to Chandapura." We see that many buses do not switch on their LED displays at night. "They put a name board on the extreme right side of the bus, which is usually not visible at all," Muniraju, a worker, explained.

He further stated that by the time the board becomes visible, it is too late and the bus has passed.

This is not just the issue with Muniraju, but with many BMTC bus commuters who miss the bus at night because the boards are not clear. They claim that the issue is worse during the rain and at bus stops without sufficient street lighting.

"My work ends around 9.30 p.m., and I go to the bus stop at Maharani's College or the Reserve Bank on Nrupathunga Road." The buses run less often at night, and I can't afford to miss one because I'll have to take an auto or book a cab to go to my location. Even though there are bus shelters, I prefer to stand on the road until the bus arrives since I cannot run if I sit. While LED display boards are installed on buses, they are not used. "The origin and destination are written poorly using paint on a wooden plank," said a private firm employee.

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