Police in Bengaluru have ordered that the Phoenix Mall of Asia remain closed for the next 15 days.

Bengaluru police on Saturday asked the management of Phoenix Mall of Asia to keep the institution closed for the next 15 days due to traffic congestion in north Bengaluru. City Police Commissioner B Dayananda issued orders prohibiting this newly opened mall from operating from December 31 to January 15.

According to authorities, the mall's insufficient parking facilities are generating serious traffic bottlenecks and discomfort to the public. As the New Year and long weekends approached, Bengaluru police anticipated traffic bottlenecks in the Hebbal district, which is already congested on a regular basis. B Dayananda, the Commissioner of Police in Bengaluru, stated said he personally visited the mall and discovered that it becoming a hotspot for traffic problems. "The," he explained.

The mall has 12 floors (including two basement floors). has an overall surface size of 86421 square meters from the From the ground to the third storey. However, the mall only has two. Basements for 2324 automobiles and motorcycles.

As This mall does not have adequate parking spaces. Public vehicles en route to the mall are parked. line at the mall's entrance without being able to Enter the house. As a result, there is traffic congestion on the service road that runs beside the main road, and As a result, vehicular traffic is suspended for an extended period of time. moment on both sides of the main lane of the route." Police also ordered the mall to provide parking for at least one hour. At least 10,000 automobiles and 10,000 motorcycles.

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