Stray Dog onboard Bengaluru BMTC bus ride turns delightful.

A stray dog in Bengaluru's heart converted an ordinary bus ride into an amazing joyride. The canine explorer boarded a bus from Marathahalli to Indiranagar, weaving through the city's streets, surprising and delighting passengers.

The touching encounter was captured in a video posted on Instagram by What Around Bengaluru. The film shows how, after being taken aback by their new buddy, passengers quickly reached out to offer pleasant strokes and kind words, embracing the furry passenger among them.

Many others took out their phones to record the surprise encounter, assuring that this brief moment of excitement would not be forgotten. "Only hoomans can travel?" Take a look at the caption.

The video has received over 1.5 million views and several comments. While many people remarked on how beautiful the scene was, others pointed out that government buses in Bengaluru allow pets on board.

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