Bengaluru guy finds metal fragment in shawarma; Swiggy offers Rs 50 refund.

'I could've choked and died': Bengaluru guy finds metal fragment in shawarma; Swiggy offers Rs 50 refund.

A Bengaluru guy who discovered a piece of metal in his Swiggy-ordered shawarma was shocked when the food delivery company granted him a Rs 50 refund. The Swiggy customer detailed the situation in a Reddit thread, where he wrote about Swiggy's blasé response to his complaint, including screenshots to back up his claim.

According to the article, Reddit user "sterlingcrises" placed an order for chicken shawarma from Absolute Shawarma in Nagawara, Bengaluru. When he began eating his dinner, he bit down on something crispy, which he subsequently discovered was a piece of metal from the flame grill used to make the shawarma.

The Bengaluru guy immediately contacted Swiggy's customer service team, asking a full refund and "a new shawarma delivered to my doorstep without having to place an order through Swiggy again." He also inquired about the action that would be taken against the establishment.

Instead of complying with his demands or even apologizing for the obvious food hygiene violation, the Swiggy customer service representative offered him a Rs 50 refund on his bill of more than Rs 160.

The enraged customer stated that he could have "choked and died" and inquired, "Is this how you treat your bloody customers?"

In the comments portion of his Reddit post, the man said that his rage arose not only from quality control difficulties, but also from Swiggy dismissing his complaint.

"I still do not expect Swiggy to ensure acceptable quality; my expectation is that Swiggy take measures to prevent such restaurants from being listed on their platform. These platforms have the ability to ban such establishments; do you believe they will do so?

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