Bengaluru youth jumps signal; mother attacked with helmet.

Bengaluru youth jumps signal; mother attacked with helmet.

A 41-year-old lady was attacked on KG Road during a road rage incident on Tuesday between 10.45 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. The victim has been named as Rehana Taj, who lives in Cottonpet's Siddarthanagar neighbourhood. She was returning home on her two-wheeler with her 22-year-old son, Faheed. Faheed, the driver, jumped a signal at the Sagar Junction and was about to hit the accused, who was waiting on the diagonal road for signal clearance. The suspect, Vishal (24), has been identified.

The suspect became enraged at the signal jump and abused Faheed. In defence, Rehana got into a battle with Vishal, who allegedly hit her with a helmet. However, other motorists at the intersection intervened and reported the altercation to authorities. Both parties were transported to Upparpet Police Station.

According to police reports, Rehana had a large gash on her lips and her face was bloated. Faheed also suffered minor injuries, and the victims were transported to the hospital.

Speaking with TNIE, Rehana revealed that her son was at fault first. "The quarrel began after my son jumped the signal. I became enraged only when the suspect started torturing my son. When I interfered, he started arguing and slapped me with his helmet.

However, the audience intervened and stopped the fight. "We shouldn't have escalated the situation," Rehana remarked.

Faheed stated that following the event, he contacted the jurisdictional police station. "I know the inspector and have reported the event. A police team was quickly dispatched. I was able to detain the guy responsible for attacking my mother. It all happened on the spur of the moment. "I regret what happened," he continued.

According to police sources, Vishal manages a restaurant. An FIR has been filed against him, and legal action is being taken against the suspect, he stated.

A case of causing harm with a hazardous weapon (IPC 324) and deliberate insult with intent to cause breach of peace (IPC 504) has been registered.

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