DK Shivakumar proposes renaming Bengaluru's Peripheral Ring Road as Bengaluru Business Corridor.

Bengaluru's Peripheral Ring Road will henceforth be known as Bengaluru Business Corridor (BBC). Tenders for this 74-kilometer-long eight-lane expressway connecting Tumakuru and Hosur roads will be issued this week. The initiative aims to alleviate traffic congestion in the city.

Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar, who also holds the Bengaluru Development portfolio, said on Wednesday that a global tender would be issued by the end of this week to carry out the project, which has been under contemplation for the past two decades.

People who lose their land will be adequately compensated, according to Shivakumar.

He stated that, despite pressure, the government has opted not to de-notify any land in any of the projects, including the Bengaluru Business Corridor. "There is significant pressure on the government to denotify the land, but we will not do so. The project is required to alleviate traffic. Because there will be a lot of economic activity on both sides of the road, we are renaming the project," he explained.

While the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) has maintained that the land-losers would be rewarded in accordance with the criteria prevalent when 1,818 acres of property was notified in 2006, farmers have claimed that the payments should be based on the 2014 land acquisition act.

On Wednesday, Shivakumar stated that farmers would be adequately rewarded. "The land will be acquired keeping in mind the new rules and the Supreme Court orders," he told reporters.

The deputy CM also stated that a meeting on the project, presided over by a retired HC judge, has been arranged for January 18 (Thursday), but provided no other details.

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