Guard found killed in Bengaluru's HSR; wife's involvement suspected.

Guard found killed in Bengaluru's HSR; wife's involvement suspected.

In a bizarre event, the body of a 35-year-old security guard from an affluent residential complex in HSR Layout's second sector was discovered in an outhouse. He was staying with his family in the same building, where the owner had supplied lodging.

Following the incident on Tuesday night, the victim's wife called the police control center to report the occurrence. When police arrived at the crime site, they discovered the victim's body lying outside the bathroom.

Venkataramana Nayak, who lived in Andhra Pradesh's Sri Sathya Sai district, died. For the past five years, he has stayed in the outhouse given by the building owner. He worked as a security at an electrical dealership during the day and oversaw the residential complex at night. In her police testimony, Nandini revealed that her husband died after falling in the bathroom. When the cops arrived, they discovered the deceased laying outside the restroom.

Wife may be involved.

Furthermore, the authorities have not ruled out her involvement in her husband's strange death. When the police checked her call records, they discovered that she was in contact with someone whose phone number was switched off when they attempted to reach him.

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