In Ram's name, sales rise for posters and banners in Bengaluru.

In Ram's name, sales rise for posters and banners in Bengaluru.

Several sections of India have gone saffron to welcome Lord Ram to the freshly completed temple in Ayodhya. Bengaluru, located almost 2,000 kilometers away, is no exception, with deity and temple-related sales surging and people coming to shops to purchase statuettes and posters of the deity. Retailers informed TNSE that their sales in the last several weeks have increased by 40-50 percent.

Many people are buying saffron flags, Sri Ram stickers, temple miniatures, T-shirts with temple images, posters, banners, and other items in preparation for the D-day on January 22.

Certain parts of the city, such as Chickpet, have been painted saffron with flags and decorations. To commemorate the occasion, communities will light diyas in their stores and residential societies on Monday.

Ranjit Jain, president of Chickpet's Lal Building Retail Association, stated, "Our association has over 200 businesses in Chickpet, and we have approximately 1,900 dealers, including wholesalers. All of them have seen a significant increase in sales over the last month. Some sell statuettes, while others specialize on posters and stickers. Families shop in enormous amounts." He also stated that the sellers are encountering a demand-supply issue, as many did not expect such a response.

The production value has increased, and prices have scaled accordingly.

A trip across the city reveals that many two-wheelers and autorickshaws are moving around, carrying banners with Ram's name, Omkara, or the temple's outline. Mukund, the owner of Saffron Promoters, stated that for the past month, he has consistently sold over 7,000 flags, the majority of which feature Ram's image. "Over the previous month, we have sold over 40,000 flags. "Sales have increased by 200%.

Small printing enterprises claimed that if they had anticipated demand in Bengaluru, manufacturing would have been easier. Positive Pulse, an NGO that works for social concerns, recently disseminated a message on social media for T-shirts with a temple print. The message went viral, and they received an order for 10,000 pieces within 40 hours.

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