Man Assaulted by Wine Store Employees in Bengaluru for Demanding Liquor at MRP

A 38-year-old Bengaluru man was attacked by wine store employees after he demanded the MRP price of brandy. After an argument, the cashier, Sunil Kumar, and others beat him with a mop.

Trilokh, 38, of Manjunath Nagar, was violently attacked by employees of a wine store after insisting on paying the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for liquor. The event occurred on January 2 about 4 p.m. at Ganapathi Wines in Manjunath Nagar, when Trilokh had gone to buy brandy. 

Trilokh's complaint states that he was charged Rs 50 for a 90-ml bottle of brandy with an MRP of Rs 40. Trilokh, claiming to be a regular client, argued with the cashier, pressing him to follow the MRP as required for wine establishments.

Instead of resolving the matter, the cashier at Trilokh began using aggressive words. The cashier repeatedly beat Trilokh on the head with a cleaning mop throughout the argument. The assault was also joined by the store's other employees. Some patrons, however, interfered and stopped them. Trilokh went on to say, "The cashier confessed that he was instructed by the store owner to overcharge customers and cursed me for questioning their practices." Trilokh sought quick medical attention for his head injuries after the incident before reporting the assault to the police.

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