Woman jumps into Bengaluru Metro lines to recover phone; services are delayed for 15 minutes.

On Monday, Bengaluru Metro operations on the Purple Line were momentarily disrupted after a woman leaped onto the tracks at the Indiranagar Nagar Metro station to rescue her phone, which she had dropped accidently.

The woman was waiting on Platform 1 of the Indiranagar Metro station, according to Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) officials.

Because high voltage electricity passes through the third rail of the Metro rails, the workers on the platform activated the emergency trip system, cutting off power to the lines.

"The third rail carries 750 volts of electricity and it was because of the staff's timely action that no untoward incident took place," a company spokesperson said.

According to a Namma Metro official, the incident occurred about 6.40 p.m. The woman later told officials that she had expected to be able to climb back onto the platform on time but was unable to do so and had to rely on the assistance of her fellow passengers.

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