Another leopard has been spotted in Bengaluru's NICE Road

Another leopard has been spotted in Bengaluru's NICE Road

Days after a leopard was shot dead during rescue operations last week, forest officials in Bengaluru have tracked the movements of another leopard along NICE Road. This is supposed to be a younger leopard than the one who died, and the hunt is on.

A big cat was spotted near a house in the Chikka Togur district, which is bounded by a NICE road. "A trap has been set, and forest officials are already at work to capture the animal." "It was previously spotted near Kudlu gate with the other leopard that was killed a few days ago," a source said.

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The forest officials have previously warned the public in the nearby areas not to panic while they work to capture the wild animal. They have also advised the public to avoid wandering out unnecessarily.

On Wednesday, forest department officers tracked the wild cat in the city's outskirts at Kudlu Gate near Electronic City in Bengaluru South after three days of intensive search operations.

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