Bengaluru CEO Accused of Killing Son Undergoes Psychological Test; Cops Say 'We Don't Buy Her Theory.'

Bengaluru CEO Accused of Killing Son Undergoes Psychological Test; Cops Say 'We Don't Buy Her Theory.'

Suchana Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence business suspected of killing her son at a Goa hotel, got a psychological medical assessment on Wednesday as part of the process following an accused's arrest, according to police.

Suchana was apprehended with the body of her four-year-old son placed in a bag and denied any involvement in the crime during the interrogation, claiming that the boy had already died when she awoke. She was detained in Chitradurga, Karnataka on Monday and brought to Goa on Tuesday.

"It seems like a premeditated murder... We don't believe her theory. Further inquiry will disclose the motive for the child's death. As of now, we know she and her spouse were estranged, which could explain why she did this," a senior police official told PTI.

According to police sources, the youngster was smothered to death with a towel or a pillow. The police also discovered two empty bottles of cough syrup in the Goa flat where they resided, implying that Suchana administered a high amount of the medication to her child. The apartment staff claimed that the woman had ordered them to get a tiny bottle of cough medicine.

Earlier, the police said that the accused attempted suicide by slicing her left wrist. The police apprehended Seth, who is charged with murder and evidence destruction, at the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour near Panaji, where she had a psychological medical evaluation. "We're waiting on the report. The examination was part of the standard procedure that is performed following the arrest of an accused," an official claimed.

The accused informed the police that she and her husband were estranged, and that divorce processes were presently underway.

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